Introduction to the world of model making

Why should you start?

Model making is a fascinating hobby that can captivate all generations. It brings the joy of creation, develops fine motor skills, patience, and precision. And what if you combine model making with a love for sci-fi? If you've been considering model making but aren't sure if it's for you, here are a few reasons why you should start. And trust us, it's a fun activity that will absorb you completely!

Creative self-expression

With sci-fi model making you have unlimited possibilities. You can create your own visions or draw inspiration from your favorite movies and series. Whether it's iconic spaceships from Star Wars, Star Trek or figures each model is unique, and you can customize it to your liking.

Skill development

Building models requires patience, precision, and meticulousness. Gradually, you'll master techniques like cutting, gluing parts, etching using photo etch techniques, and working with resin components. Working with different scales and materials teaches you to be precise and patient, which can be useful in other areas of life as well.


Model making is an excellent way to unwind from stress and responsibilities. Focusing on details and meticulous work draws you in so much that you forget the surrounding world. It's an ideal relaxation after a busy day, especially when creating your own sci-fi projects.

Community and sharing

Model making is a popular hobby worldwide. You can join model clubs, participate in exhibitions and competitions, or simply share your creations on social media. We cordially invite you to our facebook group How to... The community is very friendly and loves to share its experiences and tips, especially when it comes to specific techniques like photo etch or working with resin parts.

How to start?

Choose your first model

Start with a simple model that catches your interest. Our Junior/Basic product line is ideal for beginners. 

Read instructions and watch tutorials

You'll find many guides and videos on the internet that will show you how to proceed step by step. Don't hesitate to get inspired in some of our instruction videos.

Pay special attention to techniques like cutting from the photo etch fret, working with a scalpel, bending, drilling etc. 

Prepare the necessary tools

The basic tools you'll need are:

  • a modeller knife,
  • tweezers,
  • glue,
  • pinsette,
  • scalpel,
  • cutting matt

Be patient

Don't expect perfect results right away. Model making is about practice and gradual improvement. Every model you build takes you one step further.

Lukas story?

Lukáš, our CEO, started model making as a child, and his story can be an inspiration for any beginner. For him, model making was an escape from reality and a pleasant alternative to mandatory piano lessons, which he didn't enjoy much.

His father, also an avid model maker, would take him to piano lessons. During the lessons, his father would go to the store to buy a new model, and upon returning home, they would build it together.

Lukáš's first model was the L-39 Albatros airplane, which he built at the age of about 7.

This experience sparked a lifelong passion for model making in him.

Insterested in more info about us? Click here.

Now Lukas is father and teaches his sons.

Don't hesitate and start your model making journey today!

Choose your first model from our Junior/Basic range and take advantage of the 2+1 free offer. Just mention the desired free product in the order notes. Dive into it and discover the magic of model making and the sci-fi world!

And what were your reasons for starting model making, and what was your first project? Share with us in the comments!

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