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Star Destroyer - Lighting kit

FX 01
Star destroyer lighting kitt is primary designed for Zvezda / Revell Star Destroyer in 1/2700 scale from Star Wars. Mother board has uniqe special effects for illumination. Each main bell has own FX script with starting, windows with segment start up simulation, slow light up on secondary engines. Download Instruction (2.35M)
USB power supply 12V 0,5A - FX 03 USB power supply 12V 0,5A - FX 03 2
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USB power supply 12V 0,5A

FX 03
Universal USB power supply with wires cable for our Lighting Kits. Compatible with USB 2.0 to 3.1 or any cell phone charger.   Set contains: - USB power supply 12V 0,5A Specification: Input voltage: DC 5V Output voltage: DC12V Charger Plug: 2.1mm x 5.5mm Color: black Length: 1M - Power cable - Cable, wires Specification: DC Socket: 5,5x2,1mm...
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