Enterprise NCC 1701-D The Main Deflector application by Greenstrawberry

Hello scale modelers,

did you ever find yourself adopting the same strategy as everyone else? You might have thought, "Sure, I'll watch a few videos and figure it out." But then, a package arrives from Greenstrawberry. You eagerly unwrap it, only to find yourself feeling just as clueless as before, despite the tutorials and videos you've scoured. Why is that?

Well, one reason could be that we strive to create sets that not only enhance your model kit but also elevate it to a whole new level of craftsmanship. Our goal isn't just to provide instructions; it's to inspire awe and admiration from anyone who lays eyes on your creation.


Enterprise NCC 1701-D Main Deflector 1/1400

This set may seem daunting at first glance, but it's actually incredibly straightforward. The construction is designed to be easy and manageable for every modeler, so there's no need to be intimidated.

Lukas has created a video for you, detailing important construction tips, how to connect individual parts, and what each component corresponds to. We believe you'll find it helpful. And if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask! :-)

BUY HERE: https://greenstrawberry.cz/all-greenstrawberry-products/galaxy-class-main-deflector-861.html

And here's a bonus tip to wrap it up:

If things don't go as planned, if something doesn't quite work out, or if you simply mess up, don't sweat it. In the initial frustration phase, go ahead and let out a few choice words, and then shoot us an email. We'll work something out. After all, we can replace that ruined piece for just a few bucks after a quick chat with you. :-)

Happy modeling!

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