Colonial Viper Mk.VII - Fruit PACK

Reference: FP 06
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Set contains

Scale:  1/32


Set contains:

- 01215-1/32 Viper Mk.VII - wheel bay & nozzles

- 01015-1/32 Viper Mk.VII - cockpit & exterior

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FP 06

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3 Write feedback

From the hip?
I'm well-acquainted with Green Strawberry's excellent products, sir. Had you considered the possibility that the contents of the set was not on this page at the time I posted my comment? Or that the omission was corrected as a result? You're welcome.

Great! No doubt
This is a *Fruit Pack* set. As other Fruit Pack offerings from Green Strawberry, they are comprised of 2 sets in a single pack that when purchased will save the modeler time and money $$$. Highly Recommended even though I'm not a big fan of the Mk. II. Looking forward to seeing sets for the original Viper from Moebius kit # 940 in the not so distant future. To the folk who submitted a 1 star ''review'' from the hip: If you do this thing called reading, you would obviously know what's in this set.

It's a mystery...
Maybe if we knew what is in this we could actually review it...

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