Podmínky pro zasílání novinek (CZ)


This is an authorization that greenstrawberry L.T.D., Bellova 10 Brno, PSČ 623 00,

ID 045 53 241 (further only Administrator)  is authorized , according to teh ruling of EU parlament and EU council No. 2016/679 personal liberty protection with the aspect to the personal data processing  and personal data free transfer and with the aspect of termination of the rule No. 95/46 ES (general ruling of the personal data protection) (further only rule) , to process foillowing personal data:

  • first and last name
  • email address



Aformentioned personal data are going to be processed for the reason of voluneraly requested commrcial notices



The permition is granted for the period of three years for the :

Email contact ,

 in case the email contact is not going to extended by Purchased (you)



Personal data administration is provided by the administrator , personal data can be processed by other vendors;

  • Providing services conected with the e-shop operation
  • Providing marketing services




Personal data are not going to be transfered outside the EU teritory. 



Permition with personal data processing is possible to reject by written notice send by mail, email or by checking the link at the bsiness notice.




Please be advised that according the Rule you have the right to:

  •  Cancel your agreement with processing your personal data, this cancelation will terminate the distribution of e-mail business notices, or according to the personal appllication, removal of the personal data from the email  data base.
  • Ask the administrator what kind of personal data is he processing
  •  Ask the administrator for the access to the your personal data and request copy of the personal data report
  • In case of automated personal data processing ask the administrator for the accuracy 
  • Ask for update or correction of your processed personal dat a, or ask fo reduction of their processing 
  • Request to delete your personal data by the administrator , with exeption of the personal data which the administrator is requested to process by the law,
  • Request appropriatte legal protection, in case you became aware that your rights have been viloated according to the rule
  • Place a claim to administrator or department for personal data protection in case you consider that your personal data have not been processed in compliance with the law.
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