Photo Etch Set for Millennium Falcon 1/144 from the Junior/Basic Series: A complete guide

Hello modelers and Star Wars fans!

Today, we'll take a look at our new photo etch set for the Millennium Falcon model in 1/144 scale from the Junior/Basic series. This set is perfect for those who want to enhance the details of their model without getting into more complex projects. Let's explore the individual pieces and their uses.


1 Landing gear trays

2 Turret yokes

3 + 4 Engine grills (baffles)

5 Back wall in cockpit

6 Opened door in cockpit

7 Closed door in cockpit

9 + 11 Boarding ramp door 

10 Boarding ramp

12 + 13 Cockpit side panels

14 Control yokes

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Lukas Zatopek

CEO of greenstrawberry

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